Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Renders : the postman's office

Hi everyone, 
We just finished the postman's office ! I did the environment and textures, and Fabien worked on the lighting, the rendering and the compositing. Actually, it's exactly what I had in mind for the atmosphere of this scene, so I am really satisfied with the 3D render.
Besides, Fabien updated the render of Charles, with the latest textures and shaders.

Your feedbacks are still more than welcomed!
See you soon.

Bonjour tout le monde,
On vient juste de terminer le bureau du facteur ! Je me suis occupée de l'environnement et des textures et Fabien s'est chargé de l'éclairage, du rendu et du compositing.En fait, c'est exactement ce que j'avais à l'esprit pour l'atmosphère de ce décors, donc je suis vraiment contente du résultat !
Sinon, Fabien a mis a jour le rendu de Charles, avec de nouvelles textures et matériaux.

Vos retours sont toujours les bienvenus !
A plus !


  1. I didn't get what's the video is about. Do we see different rendering steps on it ?

    The stones on the wall next to the map looks to "flat" to my taste.

    1. The video is showing the breakdown of the image, adding the passes that compose the beauty render, then color correction, vignetting and FX. I admit that it can be hard to understand when not working in CG industry ;)

      About the stones, we tried to model them but then it made the scene even more "crowded", with details everywhere. This shot will only be seen for few seconds in the movie, with the postman standing in front of the wall, so I think that will be ok. In case it doesn't look good on other shots, we'll replace them with a modeled version :)

  2. Ça promet ce film! j’ai hâte de le voir!
    J'adore les rendus, ainsi que les concept, les lumières: tout ce que j'aime ^^